Call for papers Culture and History

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August 10, 2017
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Journal of humanities and cultural studies (Thomson reuters journal)

Call for papers Culture and History

Journal of humanities and cultural studies


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Journal of humanities and cultural studies Welcome scholars and researchers working in the filed of culture and history from all over the world to attend the CFP and share your experiences and lessons with other enthusiasts, and develop opportunities for cooperation.

Possible areas of interest for proposals include, but are not limited to, the following:

American Frontier and Western History, U.S. Military History, U.S. History, Male Gender History

Politics and State Building, Slavery, African Diaspora, Race and Ethnicity, Frontiers and Borderlands, Indigenous Peoples

Eastern Europe since 1453, Modern Europe, World War I and II, Balkans

merican West, Gender, Race, Native America, Environment, Social History

History of Science and Medicine, Environmental History, Gender and Sexuality, Race and Ethnicity

American Indian/Alaskan Native/ Native Hawaiian, Celtic History post 1700, Comparative Indigenous History

Middle Ages, History of the Medieval Mediterranean, Christian-Muslim-Jewish Relations, Medieval Europe and the Islamic World

Latin America, Frontiers and Borderlands, History of Cartography, Historical GIS, Rio del la Plata, Indigenous Peoples

Historiography, Cultural History, Abraham Lincoln

20th Century Europe, Germany, Gender and Sexuality, Race and Ethnicity, War and Society, Politics and Economy, Frontiers and Borderlands

American West, Modern Mexico, U.S. Latino Population

Early and Modern Latin America,  Ethnohistory, Human Rights , Andes, Mexico, Central America, Gender, Indigenous Peoples

Medieval History, Paleography and Codicology of Medieval Manuscripts, History of Anglo-Saxon Studies

Latin American Labor History, Twentieth-Century Chile, Gender and Sexuality, Southern Cone , Human Rights, Religion, Cold War

U.S. History, Frontier History, Military History, Popular Culture

Russia, Early Modern Europe; empires; early modern commerce; early modern travelers' accounts; merchant cultures; political economy of early modern empires; history of corruption; environmental history; Central Asia, 

Nineteenth Century United States, Civil War and Reconstruction, Nations and Nationalism, Atlantic and International History

Chicano History, Southwest History, U.S. Immigration History, Gender and Comparative Women's History, Race, Ethnicity, Cultural Studies

Modern British and Irish Cultural History, The Irish "Diaspora", War and Society, Class, Empire, Politics and Ecomonics, Race and Ethnicity, Frontiers and Borderlands

United States Urban History, Latino History, Architectural and Cultural Landscape History, Legal History, History of Capitalism, Historical and Critical Geography

History of Medicine , Gender and Sexuality, History of the Body, History of Reproduction, Medicine and War, Disease and Space, History of Women's Health

Colonial British America, American Revolution, Early Republic, American Constitution History to 1877


Ancient Mediterranean


East Asia


Global Interaction and Exchange

International History

Jewish History (Classical Antiquity to the Present)

Latin America

Medieval and Early Modern

Middle East


Russia & Eurasia

Technology, Science, and Environment

United States

Women & Gender


Academic research
Natural language processing and text analytics applied to historical documents
Applications of GIS
Social Network Analysis
Image analysis
Analysis of longitudinal document collections
Entity relationship extraction, detecting and resolving historical references in text
Digitizing and archiving
Applications of Artificial Intelligence techniques to History
Handling uncertain and fragmentary text and image data
OCR and transcription
Epistemologies in the Humanities and Computer Science
Novel techniques for storytelling
Historical ontologies
Historical data management and infrastructures
Software and applications development

Digital public history
Museums and exhibiting the past
Oral history and community projects
Digital media, the Internet and participatory knowledge
Moving images and documentaries
Re-enactments and living history
Historic preservation and community cultural heritage
Public archaeology
Social media, mobile app and user-generated contents
Public policies and applied history
Historical memory construction and the Web
Teaching public history

Introduction of digital research methods in classrooms
Designing digital history curricula
Digital teaching materials
Digital media as alternative to text-based student theses and research papers
Methods for digital student assessment
Teaching digital literacy
Teaching the history of the "Digital Age"
Digital history teaching commons

Call for papers 

Culture and History

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Guest Editors:

Durwood Ball - Associate ProfessorEditor, New Mexico Historical Review

  Jean-Christophe Agnew

Professor of American Studies & History

Paola Bertucci
Associate Professor of History and History of Medicine; Assistant Curator Peabody Museum


Call for papers 


 The JHCS R&D invites original, unpublished, quality research articles/case studies in the fields of humanities, English language, for the June-August 2017 Issue. Manuscripts Submission Deadline: August 10, 2017. Issue Publication Date: August 2017.