Passages (2017 Early Modern Iberia Study Group Graduate Symposium)

deadline for submissions: 
January 30, 2017
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Early Modern Iberia Study Group at the University of Pennsylvania
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The Early Modern Iberia Study Group at the University of Pennsylvania invites abstracts for its 2017 Graduate Symposium on the theme of Passages. This one-day graduate symposium will take place on April 22nd, 2017, with a keynote address by Prof. Seth Kimmel (Columbia).

Between continents, between languages, between identities, within and between bodies, between media, between the premodern and postmodern. Passages allow, demand, and determine movement. They also imply that what moves through them retains something of its original self, though it be translated, transmitted, transformed, or transported. What changes and what doesn’t when human beings, technologies, ideas, faiths, and texts pass through geographies, epochs, and categories? Rites of passage, for example, kill the old self and create the new—who recognizes their former self and who does not? How do subjects and objects contemplate their former state? Conceptualizing passages enables our understanding of the early modern Iberian world, and the worlds that shape and are shaped by it, a world distinctly marked by the movement of different ways of knowing, reading, eating, speaking, and worshipping.

We invite submissions in English from a broad spectrum of disciplines, including but not limited to history and literary studies, philosophy, history of science, Arabic and Judaic studies, colonial studies, historical linguistics, material culture, race and ethnicity, geopolitics, and ecocriticism.  We welcome 250-word abstracts for presentations 15-20 minutes in length. Please send your name, email, university and departmental affiliation with your abstract to Víctor Sierra Matute at by January 30, 2017.