Bloomsbury Cultural History of Youth (500-1450)

deadline for submissions: 
March 15, 2017
full name / name of organization: 
Daniel T Kline
contact email: 

I am inviting one- to two-page proposals for essays in the medieval volume (500-1450) in the forthcoming Bloomsbury series, A Cultural History of Youth. Scheduled for publication in 2021, the six volume series covers youth from antiquity to the contemporary period, and each volume will have a parallel set of chapters:

1. Concepts of Youth
2. Spaces and Places
3. Education and Work
4. Leisure and Play
5. Emotions
6. Gender, Sexuality and the Body
7. Belief and Ideology
8. Authority and Agency
9. War and Conflict
10. Towards a Global History

Only chapters 6 and 7 are spoken for presently.

Each chapter should (1) present a broad overview of your chapter’s key theme in relation to Youth for the entire period covered by your volume. This is a work of scholarly reference designed to provide scholars and students with a detailed, nuanced overview and (2) contain a range of examples which demonstrate a number of sub-themes, issues, comparisons and contrasts, as well as a variety of geographical locations.

The chapters should be around 8,000 words and contain 5-6 images. The final drafts will not be due until Fall 2018.

Please send your proposals for approaching your chosen chapter, a current cv, or any questions to Dan Kline, University of Alaska Anchorage, at