REMINDER & Deadline Extended: Postcoloniality, Psychoanalysis and Politics NOW!

deadline for submissions: 
April 1, 2017
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LACK II October 19-21, 2017 Colorado College (
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In line with the broader theme of LACK 2, “Psychoanalysis and Politics NOW,” this panel is interested in introducing the “postcolonial question” into the conference’s exploration of “the philosophical, political, and cultural implications of psychoanalytic theory, especially as it relates to the question of contemporary politics.” Also hoping to restart dialogue between the now divorced fields of postcolonial studies and Lacanian psychoanalytic theory, the organizers of this panel are inviting papers addressing how postcolonial and psychoanalysis can come together to interrogate the politics of the global present.

We are specifically interested in papers dealing with questions such as: what is the relevance of coupling postcolonial studies and Lacanian/Zizekian theory in the global present? What are the implications of reuniting the fields in terms of fine-tuning their respective analytic sharpness and for examining subjective constitution within contemporary forms of hegemonic power? How can Lacanian/Zizekian theory help revamp postcolonial critique insofar as the latter appears redundant in and incapable of interrogating the politics of globalization? What can postcolonial studies contribute to Lacanian psychoanalysis? Papers can also seek to address: 

  • New forms of racism
  • Intersections between psychoanalysis, [postcolonial] theory, and popular culture
  • The political function of fantasy [in postcolonial/globalization]
  • Theorizing populism [in the Global South]
  • Psychoanalysis and the struggle against racism [in colonial/decolonial/global history]
  • Politics and the new realism [and the aesthetics of postcolonial writing]
  • Psychoanalysis and feminism [in the Global South]
  • Intersection of economics and politics [in the Global South]


Please email paper proposals as Word attachments, including title, 250-word abstract, brief bio, and a short bibliography (3 to 5 entries) to Gautam Basu Thakur at:

Proposals are due by April 7. Accepted papers will be notified by April 25.