Student Engagement across the Disciplines

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July 1, 2017
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The Atrium: A Journal of Academic Voices
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The current buzz word in academic circles is “student engagement.” Faculty are expected to engage in it, but many of us struggle to match our classroom practices with gridded and numbered administrative standards. How does your institution describe, define, view, practice, or measure student engagement? What are the goals set forth administratively and in the classroom? How do you strive to meet those expectations? And how does it matter to your college, to your administrators, to you, and to your students?

Articles may be as brief as 400 word vignettes, but should be limited to no more than 5,000 words. Appropriate articles demonstrate to readers the practical application of research and creative ideas.  Material published in The Atrium has traditionally dealt with broad issues that connect classroom to culture and to community.

But wait: there’s more!

If student engagement practices is NOT a part of your current research, we always heartily welcome your innovative, creative and critical narrative essays, research-based articles across the disciplines, poetry, and even the best book/website reviews. We do not accept previously-published material. Our goal is to share best practices with colleagues with the hope of making a difference in the lives of students and fellow-faculty at colleges and universities around the world.

The Atrium has published consistently twice annually since 2010. To view our current and archived issues, to read the current submission guidelines, and to submit your work, please go to . Questions may be addressed to any of our board members, whose e-mails are listed in our current issue. Submissions may be made directly to members of the board or to Gena Howard at

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