KULA Journal Inaugural Call for Papers

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June 30, 2017
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KULA: Knowledge Creation, Dissemination, and Preservation Studies / University of Victoria Libraries
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KULA: Knowledge Creation, Dissemination, and Preservation Studies is a new peer-reviewed, open-access electronic journal based at the University of Victoria Libraries (in Victoria, BC, Canada). KULA, named for the Sanskrit word for “community” and as a reference to the “Kula Plate,” the Pacific Rim Terrane from which Vancouver Island was formed, welcomes multi-disciplinary scholarship on the study of human knowledge processes throughout history. We are interested in both humanistic and technological perspectives on how we have and continue to create, cultivate, disseminate, and preserve knowledge.

In particular, we invite contributions that consider how advances in digital technologies have offered new methods and systems of support (or, on the other hand, challenges) for the activities of scholarly communities. Important questions have arisen about the evolution of knowledge processes and their modes of support from the perspectives of researchers, technology developers, and those with institutional responsibilities for the support of scholarly communities. If change is largely technology-driven, the repurposing of available technologies to address scholarly needs, then what are those needs? How do they relate to more general needs that are driving technological advance? Is the nature of scholarship itself evolving under the impact of technology? How should resources be deployed to enable individuals and institutions to take advantage of the new technologies whilst avoiding the many transitory phenomena that arise during a period of rapid change and can be wasteful of resources? How do we best enable innovative exchange across disciplines to envision new knowledge processes? How do we ensure the long-term preservation of knowledge in the digital context?

KULA will publish articles related to the past, present, and future of Citizen Science; Cultural Heritage; Cultural Heritage Informatics; Culture of Researchers; Data Sharing; Digital Archaeology; Digital Asset Management; Digital Curation; Digital Humanities; Digital Infrastructure; Digital Libraries; Digital Methods; Digital Preservation/ Curation; Digital Repositories; Digital Scholarship; Digitization; Emulation; Humanities Computing; Inclusive Design; Information Systems; Institutional and Policy Design; Knowledge & Research Infrastructures; Knowledge for Development; Knowledge Infrastructure; Knowledge Representation and Reasoning; Linked Data; Literary Studies; Media Studies; Multi-Institutional Collaboration; Open Access; Open Access Publishing; Open Scholarship; Open Science; Open Social Scholarship; Peer-Review Systems; Professionalization; Publishing Technologies; Research Assessment; Research Data Management; Research Libraries; Scholarly Communication; Scholarly Editing; Search and Discovery; Semantic Extraction; Social Exclusion; Social Knowledge; Sustainability Models; System Analysis and Design.

KULA has no author publication charges, and articles will be published on a continuous basis. Proposals for special collections of articles are welcome. Special collections will be published as part of the regular issue and on a separate collection page.

See our website for more information about KULA (http://kula.uvic.ca/about/) and to submit a paper (http://kula.uvic.ca/about/submissions/). If you are interested in proposing a special collection, please contact Jonathan Bengtson (Editor-in-Chief) at kulajournal@uvic.ca