Peace, Literature, and Pedagogy (Deadline Extended)

deadline for submissions: 
April 15, 2017
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Midwest Modern Language Association
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Peace, Literature, and Pedagogy Panel

Topic: “Artists and Activists”

The Midwest Modern Language association invites proposals for the 2017 conference in Cincinnati, Ohio. Papers on any topic will be considered, yet participants are welcome to explore this year's conference theme: “Artists and Activists.” A general description of this theme can be found here.

Our permanent panel has the privilege to explore this theme in the context of peace studies, literature, and pedagogy. The list of potential topics provided by MMLA is a good starting point for us as well, for the intersection between peace studies, literature, and pedagogy opens many lines of inquiry:

  • the role of the writer in society

  • satire as social statement

  • the place of (liberal) arts education in contemporary society

  • the co-opting of art and social advocacy by dominant cultural institutions

  • the literature of witness

  • environmental literature

  • trans-identities and activism

  • ethnic identities and activism

  • feminism and womanism

  • digital literacies and shifting modes of production

  • disability studies

  • free speech and states of exception

  • the public intellectual

  • the internet and activism

  • facts and artistic license

We encourage submission on any of these topics or others that promote discussion of (a) peaceful conflict resolution, (b) literature about peace or its absence, and (c) pedagogical concerns related to peace studies. We are especially interested in proposals that explore the intersection of all three. Please submit a Word document, electronically via email attachment, containing a 250-word abstract, your name, institution, email information, and paper title to Dr. Matthew Horton ( by April 15, 2017.

Chair: Dr. Matthew Horton (, University of North Georgia.
Secretary: Dr. Laura Ng (, University of North Georgia.