NYMG: Feminist Games Studies

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December 31, 2017
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Note: Date on this CFP as required, but this is an ongoing CFP for the new middle-state publication NYMG. 

Not Your Mama’s Gamer (nymgamer.com) is pleased to announce an impending shift to a peer-reviewed journal. While our classic blog content will remain available, and our long-running podcast will continue, we will debut as a fully redesigned middle-state publication in early summer. In advance of that shift, we would like to present the following call for papers for the journal. We will publish two peer-reviewed articles per month, and include textual engagement, criticism, theory, and research, as well as multimedia presentations. We will also consider critical book and game reviews. Our full CFP follows.

NYMG is creating a feminist space in games studies. Our mission is to explore games, culture, and community from feminist perspectives and to offer scholars and critics an interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed forum for ideas, theories, and engagements utilizing feminist methods.

NYMG is a cross-disciplinary middle-state journal publishing articles and multimedia presentations every month, alongside the award-winning site’s long-running podcast and regular editorial content.

We welcome article, book review, and multimedia submissions for the peer-reviewed NYMG journal, and experiential essay content under our #YesIPlay series. Information on specific forms may be found below.

Journal submissions are reviewed using a two-stage system:

  1. Initial Review: Editors will vet submissions for suitability (length, format, general quality, relevance).

  2. Open Peer Review: Upon completion of the initial review, contributions are posted to NYMG’s open review site, where they are peer reviewed by members of the editorial board and invited reviewers. Upon completion of the open peer review, contributors will be allowed an agreed-upon period of time for revision, based on the format of the submission.

NYMG uses APA style. All submissions (except for #YesIPlay submissions; see below) should be accompanied by the following information:

  • Name(s), Institutional affiliation(s), email(s) addresses of the person(s) submitting

  • Title of 140 characters or fewer

  • An abstract of no more than 200 words

  • A list of 5-7 keywords or tags for your contribution

  • A short paragraph about the contributor(s) with information such as name, institutional affiliation, roles/positions, recent publications, and/or research interests. This paragraph should appear immediately after the last paragraph of the article.

Journal Submissions (Peer-Reviewed)

Text submissions

Text-based (alpha-numeric) articles and game/book reviews should be e-mailed as .RTF files (any accompanying images/video clips should be attached singly or compressed into a single archive file, with indicators within the article about their placement). Strip all identifying information unless necessary for context. Text-based submissions should be 5000 words or fewer.

Webtext Submissions

If you’re submitting a webtext, send the link to the site hosting your piece (or provide all associated files in an archive). Password protection is required if a live site, as we do not accept previously published material, and please make sure all webtexts are responsive.


Videos can be shared with nymgeditorial@gmail.com as unlisted YouTube or Vimeo links, password-protected Vimeo links, or via cloud services. If you’re using video as part of a longer piece, add the links to a word document or embed them into a webtext. Please ensure the sound levels are between -20db and -6db and that the soundtrack doesn’t interfere with dialogue or narration. Please also submit a transcript with the entire narration and/or dialogue and the production credits, including videos and works cited.


NYMG will accept submissions of games angled toward critical engagement. Submissions of games should be accompanied by a textual or multimedia piece exploring engagement, theoretical, or design.

NYMG will happily consider submissions that fall across, between, and around these categories. Please direct any questions about submissions types or potential content to the editors at nymgeditorial@gmail.com



Experiential essay submissions for #YesIPlay

Anyone with a story to share about their experience with games can submit an essay for consideration in our #YesIPlay series. These essays will be vetted by our editorial team, but are not peer-reviewed as part of the NYMG journal. #YesIPlay essays are about celebrating the players of video games, board games, whatever and however you want to define play. #YesIPlay is intersectional and inclusive; we want to hear from all people about all games. This campaign and essay series is about ending stigmas associated with not only women who play, but everyone--we are simply use women and minorities as a focal point because these groups are the most frequently targeted in discussions about so-called “real” gamers. If you play games, whether  on consoles or computers, a tablet or Facebook or on your dining table at home, you’re playing—and your voice should be valued, not questioned.

#YesIPlay essays should be fewer than 2000 words and may be accompanied by images or other media. Please submit essays for consideration to nymgeditorial@gmail.com with #YesIPlay submission in the subject line. Please include a short author bio with all submissions, and attach as an RTF or Word file. Any accompanying images should be attached separately; please do not place images in-line within submission text (though authors may indicate where images may be incorporated.