Deadline Extended: CFP for Postcolonial Interventions, Vol.II, Issue 2 (June 2017)

deadline for submissions: 
April 16, 2017
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Postcolonial Interventions: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Postcolonial Studies

A.K. Ramanujan in a poem entitled “Small-scale Reflections on a Great House” had mused, “Sometimes I think that nothing/that ever comes into this house/goes out. Things come in every day/to lose themselves among other things/lost long ago among/other things lost long ago”. The description may seem oddly apt for the field of postcolonial studies which continues to search for new shores even as some of the concerns of the past begin to fade with inevitable processes of history. Even as the field remains committed to a quest for emancipation from violence and discrimination and deprivation, caused by the forces of race, class, gender, sexuality and a number of other factors, the modalities continue to change and the boundaries begin to blur. Perhaps this is why it remains so crucial to be “mindful of heterogeneity” as Spivak had once advised. The upcoming issue of Postcolonial Interventions invites papers that will address the heterogeneous multiplicities of the evolving field of postcolonial studies by taking into account the changing contours of social, political and economic frameworks of our time while attempting to include new areas of experience, new sites of negotiation and new forms of solidarities without disowning the relevant legacies of the past. In other words, away from the adaptations of The Tempest and the nostalgia of diasporic communities in the West, let us bring our critical lenses to bear on representations, regroupings and resistances that punctuate the present – from the enclaves of Zapatistas to the plight of Rohingyas, the neglected communities in North-East India, the fundamentalist assassinations in Bangladesh, the victims of Boko Haram in Nigeria and much else. In an age scarred by regressive nostalgias with diabolic consequences for the present, let us delve into the chasms that gape before us and search for a future that will not surrender to despair.

Possible topics may include but are not limited to:

  • Colonial experiences outside Anglophone and Francophone worlds
  • Palestine, Kashmir, and other victims of colonial cartography
  • Migration, Terrorism and growing Racism
  • Neo-nationalism and the growing fissures
  • Religious fundamentalism and violence
  • Gender, Patriarchy and struggles in the Nation-State
  • Empire, Multitudes and Commons
  • Aborigines and Indigenes in the postcolony
  • Postcolonial cities: Legacies of Empire and Transformations
  • Postcolonial activism via social media
  • Globalisation, Labour and Postcolonial contingencies
  • Transnation, Utopia and Emergent forces

Please send your submissions to within 16 April, 2017. Kindly check the website for Submission Guidelines .