Lucerne Master Class for PhD Students, 2017

deadline for submissions: 
May 15, 2017
full name / name of organization: 
Christina Cavedon, Universität Luzern

Histories of Global Capitalism with Prof. Dr. Sven Beckert (Harvard University)


When:                              9 – 13 October, 2017

Where:                             University of Lucerne, Switzerland | Hotel Seeburg

Language:                        English

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During the past few years, few topics have animated the chattering classes more than capitalism. In the wake of the global economic crisis, questions about the nature, past and viability of capitalism suddenly appeared on evening talk shows and in newspapers throughout the world, crossing most political boundaries. Partly in response to the contemporary debates, historians, ever attuned to the world in which they live, have rediscovered the study of the history of capitalism. In their work, they have insisted on the long-term trajectory of capitalism, have emphasized the great variety of capitalism both over time and in space, have focused on capitalism’s global connections, and, perhaps most insistently, have emphasized the political, social and cultural embeddedness of economic change. Their work has created a powerful challenge to some of the naturalizing tenets that are frequently found in the discipline of economics.

In this Lucerne Master Class we will explore some of these discussions, and try to come to terms with what this new history of capitalism is all about. Students’ own work will be crucial to our discussions, as are prominent texts from within what has become one of the most dynamic fields in modern historical research.