Migration(s): Body, Word, Spirit

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May 1, 2017
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Migration(s): Body, Word, Spirit

Migration(s) of various sorts—of people, information, political, religious, and cultural

movements—have long transformed the periods, places, and paradigms in which they

occur. Recent scholarship has underlined the fundamental importance of migrations in

the medieval and early modern periods. Intrinsically interesting in their original

context, these historic migrations also provide much-needed perspective on the

migrations our world is currently experiencing.

Keynote Speaker

Prof. Nicholas Terpstra

University of Toronto

We invite 250-300 word proposals for individual 20-minute papers from established

scholars and advanced graduate students based on, but not limited to, the themes

outlined below. Digital projects welcome.

• Refugees

• Exiles

• Diasporas

• Expatriate/Merchant Communities

• Economic Migrants

• Immigrants/Emigrants

• Books and Manuscripts

• News and Correspondence

• Production/Wholesale/Retail Centers of Book and Manuscript Culture

• Political/Religious/Cultural Ideas

• Pandemic Diseases

• Environmental Change

• Education Reforms

Please submit proposals to migrations@umd.edu by 1 May 2017.


Sabrina Alcorn Baron

Andrea M. Frisch

Stefano Villani

Contact Shaun Russell (sjr@umd.edu) for more information.