Kanada Koncrete: verbi-voco-visual poetries in the age of multimedia

deadline for submissions: 
September 25, 2017
full name / name of organization: 
The Canadian Literature Symposium
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The multi-media possibilities of the web, the optic flexibility of digital books, the ability to record image and sound cheaply and share that material quickly and widely over a variety of platforms, have drastically undermined poets' dependence on the page and print-based forms of distribution. Something has changed in the manner we encounter poetry. To what extent, though, have these technological changes transformed the forms and functions of poetry as such? Have they finally produced the necessary conditions for truly 'verbi-voco-visual' work, a one-time dream of the modernist avant-garde?  Have multimedia forms of poetry displaced more traditional forms and formats? How has Canadian poetry, in particular, exploited (or perhaps ignored) the available material supports for innovations in form, format, and dissemination? We will discuss these questions over three days at the University of Ottawa, May 4-6, 2018.


We are seeking papers, talks and presentations on the following topics

  • sound poetry and sonic experiments
  • visual concrete
  • poetry in performance 
  • animated poetry/ video poems
  • poetry and social media
  • web-based poetry and digital poetries
  • comics poetry / poetry and comics 
  • treated texts
  • illustrated poetic texts
  • poetry and photography
  • poetry installations
  • poetics of ‘the found’ 
  • collecting and archiving non-print poetry
  • teaching Canadian poetry 'off the page'