Early Modern English Domestic Tragedy

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September 1, 2017
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A special issue of Early Modern Literary Studies
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Essays of c. 7000 words are invited for a special issue of Early Modern Literary Studies on domestic tragedy.  Possible topics might include individual plays (e.g. Arden of Faversham, A Warning for Fair Women, The English Traveller, A Woman Killed with Kindness, The Miseries of Enforced Marriage, Two Lamentable Tragedies); lost domestic tragedies (e.g. Keep the Widow Waking); the genre as a whole; domestic tragedy and print culture; domestic tragedy and material culture –(props, clothing, trade and domestic objects); editing or teaching domestic tragedies; domestic tragedy in performance; domestic tragedy and tragic subjectivity; domestic tragedy and power, gender, and/or local and national identities;  and the relationship between domestic tragedy and classical conceptions of tragedy (does Othello, for instance, have a claim to be considered as a domestic tragedy?).  


Please send abstracts of c. 250 words to both Lisa Hopkins (L.M.Hopkins@shu.ac.uk) and Dan Cadman (d.cadman@shu.ac.uk ) by 1 September 2017. Completed essays will be due by 1 March 2018.