Failure to Conform: The Defiant Female Body in French and Francophone Cultures

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June 1, 2017
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Women in French at SAMLA 2017
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This panel considers examples of French and francophone literatures, films, and other art forms, in which contemporary women articulate and/or embody nonconformist physicality which challenges social order. How do women speak against or otherwise resist socially defined borders and boundaries of normative corporeality? Presentations may address both thematic and formal examples of textual disruption that is enabled by bodies which run counter to socially constructed ideals related to women, gender, and race. Possible thematic avenues of inquiry include but are not limited to: pregnancy, aging, disability, beauty, and illness. Please send 250-word proposals in English or French to Adrienne Angelo ( by June 1, 2017 along with presenter’s academic affiliation, contact information, and A/V requirements.

Chair: Adrienne Angelo, Auburn University, <>