Terrorism in Literature

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June 15, 2017
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literary arena
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 Terrorism in Literature: On Examining a Global Phenomenon

A monographic volume on Terrorism


Mahmud Darwich claims: “Nothing, nothing justifies terrorism”. Terrorism, like a virus, is spreading to the whole world. It does not advocate any ideology; it rather involves psychopathological personalities.

Papers are invited to investigate and discuss terrorism in literary texts from different perspectives. What is this phenomenon? Why? What for? For/by Whom? What are its social, political and cultural drawbacks? What happened to humanity? How to stop this plague?


Essays should be 7,000-8,500 words, including all quotations and bibliographic references, and should follow the MLA Style Manual (7th edition) for internal citation and Works Cited.

Writers around the world may be considered, but texts must be available in English and essays must be in English.

The monograph will be submitted to a prestigious publishing house.


CV and 500 word abstracts by June 15th, 2017  to: literaryarena@gmail.com

Notification of acceptance:June 30th, 2017

Essay submission by: September 1st, 2017