Feeling Character Spaces

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September 30, 2017
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Joshua Gooch, D'Youville College
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NeMLA Convention, April 12-15, 2018 in Pittsburgh

This session will consider the affective politics of form in relation to fictional characters. Our relation to spatiality comes via narrative theory’s notion that characters occupy a particular narrative space shaped by the relationships between major and minor characters, and that they are themselves formed and deformed by these spaces. This argument thus allows literary scholars to think about the politics of spatial inclusion and exclusion at the level of textual form. Yet it also leaves untouched the affective qualities of characterization. The question, then, is how do different forms of narrative space solicit different modes of affective engagement with characters. To what degree do the narrative spaces of characterization encourage or discourage affective encounters, either between characters or for readers? And to what degree may narrative spaces of characterization create the kinds of asubjective and formal possibilities for affect?

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