A Culture of Collaboration: Building a Better University (Roundtable)

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September 30, 2017
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Northeast MLA (NeMLA 18)
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This session will be an extension of the discussions during the Let's Work Together: Collaboration and Pedagogy roundtables at the 2017 NeMLA Convention in Baltimore. The goals of this session are to further discourse about the ways in which collaboration can be fostered and implemented at the administrative and curricular level, as well as how individual contributors to the university culture—faculty and students of all levels—can incorporate and emphasize collaboration.

To move our institutions—and academe as a whole—toward a widespread acceptance of collaboration as a desirable and consistently supported pedagogical framework, mode of research and learning, and general academic practice, it must become part of the university culture. This panel seeks to elucidate effective modes and approaches to cultivating collaboration across the institution for the benefit of administrators, faculty and students.

Possible questions this session might answer include but are not limited to:

· What evidence and arguments can we evoke in support of the idea that collaboration ought to/should be the norm, rather than the exception?

· What are the benefits and potential drawbacks of implementing collaboration—among students, among faculty, among institutions and among these ranks?

· How can faculty, students and/or administrators work toward “normalizing” collaboration?

· How can we implement specific strategies for working together, across multiple institutions, to help bring collaboration into the culture of higher education?

· What are the benefits and potential drawbacks of collaboration—among students, among faculty, among institutions and between divergent faculty ranks, among learners of different levels or abilities, among persons of differing status or level of power or authority?What resources should university administration provide to best facilitate collaboration among faculty, both within and across departments?

We welcome participants from various disciplines, ranks, and institutions. Please submit a 300-word abstract and 100-word bio. All proposals must be submitted through the NeMLA portal: https://www.cfplist.com/nemla/Home/S/16914

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Nicole Lowman (SUNY University at Buffalo) and Robert Daniel (Saint Joseph’s University)