"Border Crossers and Crossings: Taking Risks in Writing Fiction" (Creative Writing)

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September 30, 2017
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Jody Lisberger/NeMLA 2018, Pittsburgh, Apr. 12-15, 2018
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"Border Crossers and Crossings: Taking Risks in Writing Fiction" (Creative Writing) This creative writing panel invites writers to read from and discuss moments in their literary fiction where they or their characters have dared to cross some kind of border. This border might include portraying the life of someone very unlike themselves or outside the spheres of their own world, as in crossing boundaries of race, class, gender, sexuality, ableism, work-life, point-of-view, etc. Or the border crossing might pertain to disrupting traditional forms. Or it might pertain to writing un-p.c. moments or despicable characters or speaking truths that normally don’t get spoken. Or. Or. Or. This panel is not interested in gratuitous violence, porn, or erotica. The purpose of the discussion will be to share how fiction writers prepare for, experience, and respond to such risks in the writing process and how such border crossings transport them in new and significant ways.

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NeMLA's 49th Convention will take place April 12-15, 2018, in Pittsburgh, PA. The convention theme is ""Global Spaces, Local Landscapes and Imagined Worlds."