NeMLA 2018: Language is Migrant: A Cross-Genre Reading

deadline for submissions: 
September 30, 2017
full name / name of organization: 
BK Fischer & Daniela Kukrechtova
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Seeking writers to present work at a creative session at the NeMLA convention in Pittburgh, PA, April 12-15, 2018

Chilean poet and visual artist Cecilia Vicuña writes, “Language is migrant. Words move from language to language, from culture to culture, from mouth to mouth. Our bodies are migrants, cells and bacteria are migrants too. Even galaxies migrate. What is then this talk against migrants? It can only be talk against ourselves, against life itself.” Creative practices in response to global and local crises of occupation, exploitation, and migration take innumerable forms, as do the artistic products that emerge from these engagements. When language is the medium, what capacities of communication and refraction, connection and rupture, synthesis and distortion are revealed? This session aims to gather writers who explore migration as theme or trope—human, ecological, social, epistemological—in creative forms. Related themes include but are not limited to exile, displacement, memory, and diaspora. We seek short pieces from diverse participants working in any genre—poetry, short fiction, creative nonfiction, lyric essay. Hybrid genre work is welcome, and generic boundaries are among those we hope to complicate in this conversation about migration and its valences. Please submit up to five pages of work for consideration, a brief bio, and, if you wish, a prose statement of about 200 words about the work and its contexts.