CFP for 2018 C19: Climate Events and Everyday Environments

deadline for submissions: 
August 30, 2017
full name / name of organization: 
Nathan Wolff
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Call for Papers for a proposed panel at the C19 conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico (March 22–25, 2018):


"Climate Events and Everyday Environments" Thinking about climate and ecology demands that we grapple anew with the concept of the "event." On the one hand, ongoing ecological disasters confront us with the possibility of the event of extinction. And responding to seemingly inevitable catastrophes, including varieties of “slow violence,” might require “events” in Alain Badiou’s sense of the term: disruptions that make possible the imagining of new social worlds. On the other hand, the weather remains fodder for uneventful and quotidian conversation even as it threatens to remind us of impending catastrophe. And some have proposed that eventful thinking is what must be resisted: Elizabeth Povinelli, for example, speaks of "quasi-events" to counter the ways the "event-form . . . deflect[s] liberal ethics and politics away from forms of harm more grudging and corrosive." How does the nineteenth century offer new ways for understanding the event and the everyday in relation to political-ecological phenomena? Please send 300-word abstracts to Nathan Wolff ( and Jason Berger ( by August 30th.