ACLA 2018 | Resistances in the Poetics of the Americas

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September 21, 2017
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Edgar Garcia, University of Chicago
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Resistances in the Poetrics of the Americas

American Comparative Literature Association (ACLA) Meeting

Los Angeles | March 29-April 1, 2018


Informed by hemispheric, transnational, and trans-indigenous turns in cultural studies, a strong current in the field of comparative poetics in recent decades has adopted the plural framework of the Americas in order to attenuate the structuring force of national literary histories. Such scholarship often situates poetic language as an agent, reflection, or resolution of the hemisphere’s shared histories and interdependent structural inequities. Themes of transnational belonging often dominate those conversations. Mindful that the conditions of emergence for a poetics of the Americas have potentially shifted since 2016—and that poetics has also long mediated such transnational entities as racial violence and governmentality—this panel seeks new work on poetry from the colonial period to the present that instead takes up questions of resistance, understood in at least two senses. First, we hope to revisit claims to an oppositional poetics, and to the particular histories of resistance poetry, with attention to minoritized poetic traditions, and to the political agencies assigned to, or active in, poetic forms, languages, and semiotics. Second, we seek work that conceptualizes the external and internal resistances to the paradigm of a poetics of the Americas, such as geopolitical subsumptions or epistemological relations between and among poetic forms, groups, periods, and tendencies. What political resistances are possible in the poetics of the Americas? And what impossibilities do the poetics of the Americas pose for political resistance?


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