Imag[e]ine - Call for Creative Works

deadline for submissions: 
May 1, 2018
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Opaline, a program of Arttitude
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Opaline publishes an annual special issue featuring short fiction, poetry, drama, personal essays and visual art by the LGBTQ/Allies community, women, people with disabilities, immigrants, and other minority groups. Opaline is a program of Arttitude, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting change and acceptance through visibility for the LGBT and minority communities using art and creative writing to shine light on the narratives of those marginalized in American culture.

If you are interested in submitting work for publication, please see the below guidelines and current theme

It’s time to imagine the better world we want to see. It’s time to look ourselves, our country, and our world in the mirror and begin to project the image of a united and proactive community.

After the 2016 election I heard many people compare their shock to a dystopian novel. Many people began reading and rereading some of the great dystopian novels that have come before with an eerie resonance in the days, weeks, and months of the new year. Naomi Klein wrote, in her 2017 book, No Is Not Enough, that instead of shock, what we are all feeling is horror, “specifically the horror of recognition that we feel when we read effective dystopian fiction or watch good dystopian films” she writes. “All stories of this genre take current trends and follow them to their obvious conclusion and then use that conclusion to hold up a mirror and ask ‘do you like what you see? Do you really want to continue down this road?”

​In response to this challenge , the Summer 2018 special issue of Opaline is Imag[e]ine where we encourage our Opaline community to take a hard look at ourselves as we work toward a better future. We have resisted, and we must continue to resist, but we also must begin to see the world we want to leave for future generations. In this issue, I hope to highlight the change enacted amongst political and social tension. I encourage you to submit non fiction as well as fiction that springs from service projects and community outreach programs. I am eager to see artist representations of this introspective and imaginative process. I also want to see works of fantasy that work to imagine change; stories that imagine utopia.

We are currently accepting manuscripts for our themed issue: Imag[e]ine. Our reading period will close on May 1, 2018. Manuscripts received outside of the reading period will not be read.

Manuscripts must be submitted through email to

Please submit no more than 5 poems or 7,000 words of prose.

All prose should be double-spaced.

Submissions must be accompanied by a cover page including title, author, and contact information (email and phone)

Previously unpublished works only. This includes material that has appeared online in any form, including personal blogs.
Simultaneous submissions are permitted as long as you notify us as soon as possible if the work is accepted elsewhere. Once your work is accepted, you must withdraw it from any other submissions. After publication of Opaline, all rights revert to the author.


E-mail digital images to: with an inventory list that includes your name, phone number as well as title of each entry. Please save in JPG format, 300dpi, 750 pixels/5 inches in any direction.

Opaline editors read manuscripts from September 1 through May 1. and Response will be given within two month of submission with the following possible results: Unconditionally Accepted, Accepted with Revisions, or Not accepted.

Unfortunately, we are unable to respond to status inquiries.

Opaline publishes in digital format in the summer of 2018