Queer Rhetorics: Dirtysexy (A Special Issue of Pre/Text)

deadline for submissions: 
November 1, 2017
full name / name of organization: 
Jacqueline Rhodes, Michigan State University
contact email: 

In the 25 years since Pre/Text’s first special issue on queer rhetoric, too much and not enough has happened with the queer in rhetoric and writing studies. To what extent have we mainstreamed queer movements? Where is there still room for generative transgression in rhetorical thought? How have assimilationist trends in mainstream LGBTQ culture found their way in and out of our field? Most important, what happened to sex/ual rhetoric? This special issue focuses on thoughtful provocation, open secrets, and pointed intersections in queer rhetoric, looking at moments of transgressive signification that open pathways for future work. Send 250-word abstracts to guest editor Jacqueline Rhodes (jrhodes@msu.edu).