Hollywood Heroines: The Most Influential Women in Film History

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March 18, 2018
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Laura L. S. Bauer / Claremont Graduate University
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Greetings! My name is Laura Bauer and I’m the film studies editor of Women Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal. I am also the co-editor of All Things Dickinson: An Encyclopedia of Emily Dickinson's World published by ABC-CLIO in 2014. Hollywood Heroines: The Most Influential Women in Film History is a reference work that provides comprehensive and wide-ranging categories not often found together in a single volume on film. For example, women working as casting directors, studio heads, musical composers, and visual & special effects supervisors have been included in addition to the more popularly discussed categories of important women in Hollywood film history (such as directors and actresses, although these are also included).  This project is unlike any other anthology in publication in that scholars, advanced graduate students, as well as industry professionals have contributed entries and/or interviews. The aim of this project is to increase the visibility and quality of representation for women in film and to gain more insight into the systemic problem of inequality within the industry. Contributors receive full credit for any entry they write. Entries are 1000 words each unless otherwise noted. Deadlines will be assigned throughout November, December, and January 2018. If interested, please look at the list of names below and send your top 3 choices in descending order to laura.bauer@cgu.edu. If you’re interested in writing more than one entry, please send me your top 5 choices. Please also include a CV and/or your program and university affiliation. Names available as of 1/30/2018:  


Leslie Dawn Steel



Gwendolyn Yates Wittle

Gloria Borders 

Anna Behlmer