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October 25, 2017
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Dr. Amith Kumar PV. Professor & Head, Dept. of Comparative Literature, The English and Foreign Languages University, India

We invite original and unpublished academic/research papers regarding the topic 'Comparative Humanities' for an edited volume to be published by a reputed publication house with a recognized ISBN. The volume aims to bring together in print the diverse ideas and conceptualizations about the concept 'Comparative Humanities' - with a special focus on understanding and redefining 'Humanities' as practiced in the Global South.


The focus of the volume would be on the 'problematic of singularity' in the humanities with regard to teaching and research. Articles that draw our attention to the crisis of humanities in the non-European cultures are invited. The state of humanites in the countries of the Global South (Asia, in particular), will serve to demonstrate the lack of a comparative paradigm in terms of comprehending humanistic insights. Not only is Asian humanities not taught in the universities of the globe, but also Asian thinkers are, more often than not, classified as contributing to the orientalist paradigm generated by the West. Articles that deliberate upon the Asian epistemology with a concern to establish a dialogic reciprocal relationship with the western humanistic paradigms are most welcome.


The volume seeks to invite theoretical inquires on the following topics: 

  • Conceptualizing Asian epistemology
  • Human Sciences of the East
  • The Eastern  reception and reciprocation
  • The crisis of humanities
  • Unconditional thinking and university pedagogy
  • Comparative science of humanities
  • Challenging colonial amnesia
  • Comparative thought: what the west knows from the east
  • Translating Humanities
  • Conceptualizing Asian Art history and Musicology
  • Conceptions of the human in Asian cultures


We request you to send in your full paper on or before 25th October 2017. All the manuscripts will be scrutinized by the Editorial Team and the Review Board and the final decision will be conveyed within 45 days from the submission deadline.


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Submission Guidelines:

# Manuscripts should be between 5000-6000 words, including the bibliography

# Manuscripts should be sent as an attachment to your

submission mail either as a word or PDF document, with the subject as 'FULL PAPER SUBMISSION - COMPARATIVE HUMANITIES'

# The author must follow MLA Style Guide, 8th Edition

# The manuscripts should not be submitted or be under consideration for publication elsewhere


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