Queer life in the global South (conference and edited collection)

deadline for submissions: 
April 2, 2018
full name / name of organization: 
WJ Strydom, UNISA, South Africa
contact email: 

Queer life in the global South

Conference to be held at UNISA Pretoria, South Africa on 22-24 February 2018  (abstract submission extended to 20 January), followed by edited collection in early 2019.

The upcoming February lectures conference and edited collection will explore how, in contemporary South Africa, queer lives and queer writing intersect with the narratives of colonial history, the actualities of the postcolonial now, and, specifically, the drive towards decoloniality.

We would like to invite chapter contributions that open spaces of discussion and exploration between queer theory and narrative(s) of the contemporary moment in South Africa, but also more generally in the global South, such as:

  • How are (new) queer fictions from the global South incorporated into "World Literature"?
  • Is there a distinguishable trajectory of South African/global South queer, engaged literatures that can be mapped?
  • Are new queer fiction(s) surfacing queer'd labels/terms that migrate between English and their equivalents in languages other than English?
  • Do queer, engaged literatures expose past narratives and, in so doing, create newer, potentially more inclusive ones?
  • How can queer narratives, and queer theory, reframe/aid/problematize the drive towards decoloniality?
  • What potential does queer theory hold for actualising change within postcolonial/decolonial frameworks in the Global South?

To suggest a chapter contribution, please contact WJ Strydom (strydwj@unisa.ac.za) by 15 February 2018. Chapter submission are expected by 01 December 2018.

(For more information, see the conference website at www.februarylectures.co.za.)