East-West Cultural Encounters in Literature & Cultural Studies (book series)

deadline for submissions: 
December 31, 2020
full name / name of organization: 
National Taiwan University Press
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A leading university in the world, National Taiwan University is striving for globalized collaborations and scholarly exchanges. NTU Press, playing an important role in disseminating top-notch research and scholarship in the Chinese-speaking academy, is now committed to expanding its scope of publication in English. This Series seeks scholarly works on intercultural encounters in literature and cultural studies, including East-West precolonial, colonial, modern or contemporary contacts. The Series especially welcomes monographs written in English or other languages translated into English. Conference volumes or edited volumes by multiple authors will not be considered, but volumes of essays with a thematic focus written by a single author are welcome. We also encourage the submission of revised doctoral dissertations that employ innovative concepts related to our topics. 

Suggested topics include but are not limited to the following:

  • Colonial literature in the countries of the Asian Pacific Rim
  • Globalized encounters in media other than literature (e.g. films and new media)
  • Transpacific or transatlantic cultural or literary routes/roots
  • New cultural identities in literature in neocolonial and global Asia
  • Relationships between Asia and Oceania
  • Contacts between Asia and Europe or the Americas, including imaginary encounters of the East in the West
  • Theoretical paradigms of globality or worlding, or innovative paradigms of cultural influences and exchange
  • Convergences and divergences of exile, diaspora, and expatriation in literature or film
  • Asian diasporic writing in the new millennium
  • Cultural translations of Sinophone, Anglophone, Francophone and/or Hispanophone literatures
  • Settlement colonialism and Asia

All submissions will be assessed by the Editors and reviewed by anonymous readers. Once the book project is approved, the author(s) will receive a contract from NTU Press. Please send a book prospectus, the author’s CV, and a sample chapter to the Editors. The manuscript should employ the MLA format and style, and only a completed manuscript will be considered.


Series Editors:

Dr. Bennett Yu-Hsiang Fu (bennettfu@ntu.edu.tw)

Dr. Chi-she Li (jisheli@ntu.edu.tw