Uneasy Feelings: Space, Affective Relations, and Dis/orientation

deadline for submissions: 
November 15, 2017
full name / name of organization: 
Association of Canadian College and University Teachers of English (ACCUTE)

This panel seeks to explore what it means to feel/be uneasy. How are feelings of unease depicted: what are the movements; what are the affects; what (if any) are the boarders of unease? Is there a difference in representations of unease in literature, film, fine arts, etc.; or the proliferation of unease in contemporary cultural studies? In her feminist critiques of happiness and phenomenology, Sara Ahmed notes how feelings of unease can saturate a body or environment: “The word ‘comfort’ suggests well-being and satisfaction, but it also suggests an ease and an easiness. To follow the rules of [heteronormativity] is to be at ease in a world that reflects back the form one inhabits as an ideal. Of course, one can be made to feel uneasy by one’s inhabitance of an ideal. One can be made uncomfortable by one’s own comforts.” This panel seeks to expand the study of affective discomfort in order to theorize uneasy feelings. Thus, this discussion will hopefully ask such questions as: what causes feelings of unease and how do we approach them; what does it mean to be uneasy in one’s own body and the world more generally; what does it mean for one’s orientation to the body, others, objects, and the world to be constructed in a relationship to a sense of unease? The CFP invites abstracts on the following topics in order to explore considerations of unease and the following (but additional topics are encouraged):

• Affect theory and emotions
• Feminist and queer readings
• Race, class, gender, disability
• Politics and social justice
• Anxiety, depression, and illness
• Desire and dis/orientation
• Genre, narrative or discourse
• The body and subjectivity

Please send the following to ceiiese.lypka@ucalgary.ca by November 15:

  • a file containing a 300-500 word paper proposal without identifying marks
  • The ACCUTE 2018 Proposal Info Sheet

 ACCUTE Annual Confrence 2018 will be hosted by the University of Regina, 26 - 29 May.