Bodies of Resistance: 2nd Annual University of Wisconsin Gender and Women’s Studies Symposium

deadline for submissions: 
November 22, 2017
full name / name of organization: 
University of Wisconsin-Madison Department of Gender and Women's Studies.

             2nd Annual University of Wisconsin Gender and Women’s Studies Symposium

                                                 “Bodies of Resistance”

                                 March 2-3, 2018, University of Wisconsin, Madison

                              Submission Deadline: Wednesday, November 22, 2017

What do we mean when we say “resist?” Is it simply refusal, remaining steadfast in opposition to something that has force behind it? Does resistance indicate the inability to be impacted by something, as one might describe rocks that do not erode? Or, for some bodies, is mere existence in a system in which they were not meant to survive an act of resistance? Dictionaries and technicians would, doubtlessly, come up with a list of definitions, and yet, it seems now especially the term has taken on a slew of meanings that it maneuvers in and out of inconspicuously. The Second Annual University of Wisconsin Gender and Women’s Studies Symposium is interested in tracking what this means and how bodies have historically resisted and continue to do so in a plethora of ways just as diverse as resistance itself. We are seeking graduate student papers, social justice projects, creative writing, and art and performance pieces that examine bodies and the way that bodies and people resist. Of particular interest are the ways that already marginalized bodies have navigated opposition and oppression, be they queer, black and brown, disabled, trans, nonbinary, and any other bodies that have been regulated and harmed by hostile forces.

Themes and Topics Include:

  • Race, Disability, and Queerness

  • Political and Social Opposition

  • Social Activism and Justice

  • Counterculturalism

  • Intersectionality and Resistance

  • Creative Writing as Protest/ Social Justice

  • Art and Performance as Protest/ Social Justice

  • Gender and Navigating Hostile Climates

  • Intersectional Approaches to Reclaiming Identity and History

  • Transgression and Punishment

  • Representations of Race, Disability, and Queerness in Art, Film, Literature, History and Folklore

  • Resistance and Reclamation of Identity in Medicine, Science, and Engineering

  • Environmental Resistance

  • Resistance in American Contexts, Global Contexts, and/or the Global South

To submit a proposal, please email a 200 word abstract and tentative title in PDF format along with your full name, university, standing in school, and department to by Wednesday, November 22, 2017. Please also include any technology needs (PowerPoint, etc) or accessibility needs (wheelchair accessible room, gender-neutral bathrooms, allergen concerns, etc) you may have in this email.