The Irish Republican Army (I.R.A) on Film: Critical Essays and Interviews

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January 31, 2019
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Matthew Edwards
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The Irish Republican Army on Film: Critical Essays and Interviews: Editor: Matthew Edwards

This is a call for papers for a new anthology on the I.R.A and its depiction in film and the on-going conflict in Northern Ireland has been represented in popular film and documentary, with particular emphasis on The Troubles.

Through films such as The Crying Game, Bloody Sunday, '71, The Hunger the collection will look to analyse the conflitct through both a historical and cinematic perspective. How have these films/documentaries dealt with such an emotive and sensitive subject and dealt with the controversial political discourse on The Troubles and other key historical events? How do these films portray the sectarian violence and do these films approach the subject matter with their own political agenda/viewpoint? How do these films portray the British forces, paramilitary groups and police/security forces during the conflict? How have the I.R.A been depicted on genre films?

The collection is looking for scholarly essays on any aspect of the I.R.A in relation to its cinematic portrayal. Both minor and major works will be considered along with documentarires and interviews with filmmakers who have been brave enough to turn their cinematic lens on this traumatic event.

To date, I have sourced an interview with the director of The Outsider.

Please send a full abstract and full biography to All abstracts should be in Times Roman, pt 12. If invited to submit a full essay for the collection, a style guide will be sent to adhere to (all essays should use the MHRA referencing system). I am hoping to get all the content finished by March 2018 in order for late 2018/early 2019 publication.

Matthew Edwards is the editor of a number of scholarly books relating to cinema. He is the editor of The Atomic Bomb in Japanese Cinema, was was published by McFarland to co-inside with the 70th Anniversary of the bombings (2015); Film Out of Bounds (2007, McFarland and Co) and the acclaimed collection Klaus Kinski, Beast of Cinema (McFarland and Co, 2016). He is also the author of Twisted Visions: Interviews with Horror Filmmakers, which was published in 2017 by McFarland and Co. My ltest collection, The Rwandan Genocide on Film was published in summer 2018 by McFarland. McFarland and Co are interested in the collection as well are a number of other publishers.