CFP - Chiasma Issue Five: Embodiment

deadline for submissions: 
February 1, 2018
full name / name of organization: 
Centre for the Study of Theory and Criticism


Chiasma: A Site for Thought is pleased to invite submissions for its fifth issue, on the theme of the theory and philosophy of embodiment.

We will give special attention to novel and searching feminist approaches to embodiment, as well as to those which situate the understanding of embodiment within theoretically rich political, social, or philosophical contexts.

Essays should be 5000-9000 words long and formatted according to the Chicago Manual of Style. Please send papers (with abstracts of no more than 150 words) to by February 1, 2018


The theme of embodiment in theoretical and speculative thought is as broad as the subjects it comes into contact with. It has become an unyielding issue to think adequately in the 21st century. The advance of technological dispersion and prosthesis, the speculative proposals of minds without bodies, a historical moment of aging populations in the West, the discourse of health, biopolitical apparatuses, the movement and diaspora of peoples throughout the world, the increasingly diffuse but ubiquitous regulation and control of bodies and their movement all pose dilemmas to the thought of the body.


Embodiment poses equally profound questions about the status of the mind, of thought, and of the ‘nature’ or ground of ‘epistemological’ claims. To what extent is the particularity of our thought the artifact of our bodies? And to what extent can we exercise freedom over our corporeal determinations? How does the policing and control of feminized/non-conforming bodies determine and articulate sexism and gender inequalities? What do queer theory and the study of trans identity teach us about embodiment? What relation should we have to the many historical “despisers of the body”[1] who nevertheless rank among the greatest thinkers in western philosophy? To what extent should the field of phenomenology be taken up from the precept of embodiment? What are the political strategies of the body? Is embodiment a real site of immediacy in experience or is embodiment itself mediated, abstracted, or alienated? To what extent are bodies and embodiment themselves theoretical constructs? How do we envision embodiment in the broader context of its environment (proprioceptive, social, cultural, political)?


For all these reasons, a broad but incisive investigation into embodiment in all its ramifications remains one of the most trenchant problems for thought today.


Research topics may include:


  • Feminist approaches to embodiment
  • Phenomenological/post-Heideggerian embodiment
  • Theories of Queer embodiment and Transition/Gender and the body
  • Structuralist/Post-structuralist approaches to embodiment
  • Post-human/in-human/non-human bodies
  • Marxism, labour, and the body
  • Embodiment and race.
  • Historical thinking on the body (philosophical, medical, physiological, sociological, psychological, etc.)
  • Psychoanalysis of the body
  • Technologies and embodiment
  • Control and the Body
  • Literary criticism, visual art, music and the body


Essays should be 5000-9000 words long and formatted according to the Chicago Manual of Style. Please send papers with abstracts of no more than 150 words to by February 1, 2018



[1] Nietzsche, “On the Despisers of the Body”, Thus Spoke Zarathustra.