Sydney Screen Studies Network 2017 Symposium

deadline for submissions: 
November 10, 2017
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Sydney Screen Studies Network

Sydney Screen Studies Network are currently seeking proposals for our End-of-Year Symposium that will cap off our 2017 program: Intersections in Film and Media Studies.

In her Fall 2014 Film Quarterly editorial film theorist B. Ruby Rich writes:

“Cinema itself is in a state of immense transition, yet it’s hard not to notice that attention is lavished disproportionately on technology and auteurist style, with the question of theme, focus, and subject matter repeatedly sidelined. What, though, is “filmable” today? And what is “theorizable” in response?”

Rich highlights how academic and journalistic discussions of the ‘new media’ landscape in recent years have focused largely on technology and industry over content, theorisation, and disciplinary boundaries. Considerable academic work has examined how the conditions of the convergence era have been enabled by and impact upon technology, production, distribution, and consumption and the media industry more broadly (Turner & Tay 2009; Gripsrund 2010; Lotz 2014; Haven & Lotz 2017). Building on this work, this symposium seeks to engage with the convergence of film and media at the level of content, authorship, genre, aesthetics, style and form.

While today ‘cinema’ is an increasingly fluid term that moves across platforms, genres, and textual boundaries, in this symposium we are interested in what it means to study cinema and/or other forms of screen-media in today’s increasingly fractured media landscape. This symposium will explore the transitional nature of contemporary screen studies and the movement of scholarship, theory, and ideas across its boundaries. We invite scholars working across film, television, video, and internet genres to present on topics such as:

Interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary approaches to screen media
Applying a single discipline to study a screen text not in that discipline
In what ways are different screen-based media texts informing and shaping one another?
What are the textual, generic and/or aesthetic boundaries that define film/television/video today?
What is the place of screen audiences in the increasingly convergent/divergent media landscape?
What is the continuing value of single discipline approaches in a critical landscape dominated by interdisciplinary screen studies?
What is lost when single discipline approaches are incorporated into screen studies?

Proposed title, abstract (300 words), short biography and institutional affiliation should be sent to by 10 November 2017.

The Symposium will take place on Friday 8th December 2017 at UNSW Randwick. All papers will be considered for an edited special journal issue, pending editorial approval. We particularly encourage postgraduate and early career researchers to apply.

For any queries or further information on the Sydney Screen Studies Network, please direct your questions to the above email address or visit