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December 31, 2018
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Oxford Literary Review
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Call for Papers for Oxford Literary Review 41.1 (July 2019)

ext: writing extinction

Imagine thinking about extinction, starting from ext and extending, textually and extra-textually, and coming back to the raw, more-or-other-than-death thought, perhaps unthinkable, of extinction.

ext would suggest the perhaps for now truncated name of something needing thinking, a thought without a thinker, that would be more than a thought—extinction, textuality, extravagant thinking of the effects of a vanishing without trace, that we can’t face.

The disappearance of living species is happening right next to us at a rate that prompts urgency as well as consideration and rereading, in extenso, of extant discourses.

Might there be keepers of ‘extinction,’ by implication and analogy also guardians of language, writers capable of opening English, or other languages, to the hazardous experience of living in extremis?

Issue 41.1 of OLR invites contributions that inventively bring together deconstruction and/ or psychoanalysis with old, new and unheard-of discourses on extinction. Such discourses might include or engage the following: extinction studies; nuclear criticism; the thinking of ends, teleologies and chances; apocalyptic and other tones; the distinction between extinction and death; thanatocriticism and thanatopoetics; the thinking of totality and totalization; climate change studies; scientific discourses (astronomical, astrobiological, mathemes and other formulae, Auslöschung as cancellation in the mathematical sense); reflections on the relation between language, including literary language, and extinction, thus also questions of rhythm and the thinking of literality, the letter, the atom, the number or other ‘elementary’ forms.

Questions for consideration might include: How does deconstruction think about extinction? Can there be a philosophy or a politics of extinction? What are the effects of thinking in terms of an extinction drive or even a wish for extinction?

Expressions of interest are invited by the end of April 2018. The deadline for completed submissions would be December 2018 for a publication date of July 2019.