“Black Knowledge, Black Thought”: Reimagining Authors, Artistry, and Archives in the Diaspora

deadline for submissions: 
January 15, 2018
full name / name of organization: 
Howard University Graduate English Student Association(GESA)
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“Who Cuts the Border?”
– Hortense Spillers


The Howard University Graduate English Student Association invites submissions for our third annual conference, “Black Knowledge, Black Thought: Reimagining Authors, Artistry, and Archives in the Diaspora” to be held at Howard University on March 22-23, 2018.   In the midst of transitions in the academy and our world, we seek paper abstracts with innovative perspectives and methods of analysis. Presentations may examine individual artistic legacies or may undertake comparative readings of Diasporic and other texts. We welcome pieces that focus upon interpretation of any aspect of the cultural production of the Black Diaspora.


Suggested topics included but are not limited to:

  • Rethinking the Archive in the Context of the Black Diaspora
  • Knowledge Treasuries: Examinations of the Cultural and Ideological Work of Specific Archives
  • Literary Archives: Representations of Knowledge Repositories in Arts and Letters
  • Popular Archives: The Collection of Public Knowledge in Music, Film, or Literature
  • Narrating and Re-narrating Histories: How Context Shapes Meaning and Signals Valuation
  • Situations and Situating: Contextualizing the Work of an Individual Black Author, Artist, or Cultural Practitioner
  • African, African American, or Caribbean Epistemologies: Knowledge and Ways of Knowing as Seen in Literature, Art, and Other Genres
  • Mediating Genres: Reading “Texts” in Light of the Knowledge Present in Other Genres


Abstract Submission Deadline:
15 January 2018
Please email 250 word abstracts to gesasecretary@gmail.com.
Also include a brief biographical note, affiliations, and contact information (email, phone number).