Special issue: Marguerite Duras

deadline for submissions: 
July 1, 2017
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S: Journal of the Circle for Lacanian Ideology Critique

For the most part, Lacanian discussions of Marguerite Duras’ work have focused on The Ravishing of Lol V. Stein. While this should not surprise – the novel was presented by Michèle Montrelay during Lacan’s Seminar in 1965 and Lacan himself devoted a short essay to it – it also raises the question whether other novels, theatre texts or films by Duras can be approached from a Lacanian point of view, to an equally illuminating effect.

The editors of S invite you to present readings of texts and films by Duras, other than Lol V. Stein. This may also be an occasion to address more general topics such as love, sexual difference, voice, gaze, repetition and politics, via a confrontation of Duras with Lacan.

If interested, please contact the editors to discuss your proposed submision: Dominiek Hoens (dominiek.hoens[@]telenet.be) or Sigi Jottkandt (sjottkandt[@]gmail.com). The volume will be published online in December 2018.