Worlding the Future:Call to Writers

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January 26, 2018
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TERSE. Journal
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In a 2010 interview with Matthew Wolf-Meyer regarding her book Other-Worldly: Making Chinese Medicine Through Transnational Frames, Mei Zhan provides a definition of worlding which is applicable for this project because: “In insisting that knowledge-making is world-making, worlding foregrounds the fact that translocal encounters simultaneously produce dynamic forms...and animate uneven visions, understandings, and practices of what makes up our worlds and our places in them”(Wolf-Meyer). Zhan sees worlding as an analytic. She continues to explain:

"Within this conversation 'worlding' does a few things for me. It gets away from 'globalization' which, on the one hand, tends to emphasize totality and inevitability and to rely on the metaphor of circulation; on the other, too often assumes the local and the global as spatially and conceptually distinctive (and therefore reliable) starting points for interactions and connections. Worlding thus helps reimagine the complexity, contingency, and serendipitous moments of everyday socialities, as well as the ways that anthropologists can engage them. It is an analytic that, I hope, subverts deep-seated dichotomous thinking and habitual dividing practices: local/global, traditional/modern, culture/science, text/context, ethnography/theory, knowing/being, data/analysis, epistemology/ontology. What if we think of these as provisional outcomes of shifting associations and processes: products of worlding rather than the foundations and starting points of social analyses?"

What world do you want to see moving forward? There are many traditions creators work in presently to create the world they'd like to see. Afrofuturism may come to mind.

TERSE. Journal is one year old and seeking writers to join us for the new year. 

Does your writing merge the metaphysical, digital, personal, and political? Perhaps you even throw in a bit of the pedagogical?

Topics span the Tarot, A.I. , the cosmos, Cubism, sexuality, metaphysical depth psychology, protest, interpretive dance, gender, race, film…

We are interested in your personal philosophy as it will reflect our larger mission of merging social justice, digital culture and spirituality.

Columnists should be flexible in their writing style: prose can be creative non-fiction, science fiction, short fiction, letters, poetry, mix tapes, voice recordings, visual art...

Interested parties should send 3 finished pieces, link to social media, blog, or personal website, and a short statement on why you think you’d do well to publish with TERSE.

…to this address:

We publish on a bi-monthly basis.