Haunt Journal of Art, Vol. 5

deadline for submissions: 
May 15, 2018
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Haunt Journal of Art / UC Irvine
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Haunt Journal of Art is a vessel for critical interrogations of writing as both a tool for artistic expression and a means for analyzing creative practices. Ours is a commitment to providing a platform for new textual forms and strategies wherein the production of writing and art may serve one another.

For our fifth volume, we’d like to consider the status of “the radical” in contemporary thought. We define the radical as that which brings upheaval or a forceful transformation of political, social, artistic, or other terrain. However, we are putting pressure on what we term romantic notions of radicality which situate the radical as a disruption ending in some form of socio-political redemption; a redemption that is a relief from a masked past that ceaselessly rears its head in the present. In this sense, we are interested in radicality as something non-teleological.

At the same time, the etymology of “radical” points our attention to the concept of a root that produces unconventional relations, symbols, and objects which deviate from the common. Bringing these two concepts together–the beginning as transformatively different from the common, and radicality without end–how might we rethink notions, the status, and/or practices of “the radical?”

Who are agents, or, more precisely, who are allowed and entitled to the privilege of (re-)inscribing possible change? Otherwise put, who is in a position to imagine or dream of change and who is excluded? What might be left as a remainder, or lost at the expense of “the radical,” without the possibility of reconciliation? What does it mean to think of “the end,”, or beyond its limits, in a truly radical sense?

For this issue, we invite submissions that speculate on the possibilities or impossibilities implicit in a conception of the radical as a tragedy with no end or one which, to quote Cedric Robinson, “does not end in utopia.”

Deadline: May 15th