PUNKADEMIA: Spaces and Access

deadline for submissions: 
June 15, 2018
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Dr. Matthew Ussia / Duquesne University
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While generally misunderstood as a nihilistic musical genre that peaked in the late 1970s, punk rock has evolved into an anti-authoritarian subculture with diverse and sometimes conflicting aesthetics and political orientations. Punk was once portrayed as a genre of music that was against anything and everything. However, punk sub-genres (and the communities that have risen up around them) such as peace punk, crust, riot grrrl, and queercore have inserted the political and social concerns of critical inquiry front and center into their music, fanzines, and social activities, transforming a music fan bases into decentralized activist communities. Indeed, as previous scholarship has documented, the do-it-yourself anti-hierarchical ethos of punk has been apparent in many of the high-profile social movements of the last several decades, from the anti-nuclear campaign of the 1980s to the Occupy movement. Punk music and culture have not only become the subject of academic inquiry, but punk modes of being and thinking have worked their way into the academy as punks and former punks join the faculty.

It is the purpose of this collection to explore how punk can be a form of public scholarship and pedagogy that effectively transforms or reclaims academic spaces. Participants are encouraged to submit abstracts that address facets of punk’s influence on the classroom or institution as a whole. Of particular interest are proposals that address issues commonly associated with disability studies, gender studies, critical racial studies, or labor studies.

 Deadline for Abstracts is June 15, 2018

Submissions and questions mattussia@gmail.com