Print Modernities: An International Conference

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June 30, 2018
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Center for Performance Research and Cultural Studies in South Asia
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Center for Performance Research and Cultural Studies in South Asia

Print Modernities: An International Conference

30, 31August&1September 2018, Thrissur, Kerala, India.

The advent of print technology is regarded as a crucial cusp in the inception of socio-political and cultural modernities in the context of the decline of feudalism and the emergence of industrialized, capitalist and democratic social systems.  Print culture is envisaged as a metaphor of transition in the era of scientific excogitations, egalitarian notions of knowledge and liberalist dimensions of individuality. Evolution of print and the subsequent transmissions of knowledge, plethora of communication systems, circulation of ideas and preservation of data are considered as the hallmarks of modernity.  In 1440s, Johannes Gutenberg, a German entrepreneur, began his experiments to create a less strenuous, less expensive, more effectual and timesaving method of replication and preservation of documents. The technology soon spread its roots all over Europe and was shipped to Asia as well as to Latin America. The emergence of print culture brought forth drastic transformations in the realms of literature, art, religion, administration, science, education, culture, modes of communication, and technology. The most significant aspect of print modernities is its radical thrust on visuality and practices of seeing.  Print technology exerted two opposite forces on the world; inflating it along with the expanding knowledge, ideas and visions and simultaneously contracting it by obliterating distances and binding people together.

C-PRACSIS will be organizing an international conference reflecting on the pertinent questions related to the advent of print and the evolution of modernities by incorporating multiple disciplines, approaches, methods, locations and positions. We invite papers and panels from scholars, researchers and students of Art, Literature, Humanities, Sciences and Social Sciences for the forthcoming International Conference on ‘Print Modernities’ on 30,31 August and 1September, 2018 at Thrissur, Kerala, India. Eminent scholars and luminaries in the relevant areas will take part as Keynote/Plenary speakers. The receipt of abstracts will be acknowledged immediately and the selected paper-presenters will be notified after the fortnightly peer review meeting of the presidium of the conference. For further details and updates, please visit <>.

Important dates:   30th June 2018June - Last date of submission of abstracts.

                          30th  July 2018 _ Submission of full paper.

C.S.Biju Ph.D; Director C PRACSIS          Ms. Soumya Mathewkutty Conference Coordinator,