Imperialism and Class Struggle in the Era of Crisis Capital

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April 15, 2018
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the Journal of Labor & Society
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Imperialism and Class Struggle in the Era of Crisis CapitalSpecial Issue of the Journal of Labor & Society300-word abstracts and short bio to:


John Smith, David Harvey, Jayati Ghosh, and Utsa Patnaik and Prabhat Patnaik, Zak Cope, among others, have weighed in on the question of 21st century imperialism and the possibilities of working-class organization in the era of capitalist crisis and globalized neo-fascism. How do contemporary Marxists reconsider “classic” theories of imperialism? What lessons can we draw from Lenin’s 1917 thesis on imperialism, particularly as it relates to emergent rivalries among the dominant capitalist states? With the bulk of super-exploited populations living in the global South, what challenges do all workers face in terms of widening class struggle via “new” forms of collectivity and militancy?

With these questions in mind, this special issue intends to present various angles on the question of imperialism in the 21st century and its impact on internationalism, class struggle, and neo-fascism. Some of the issues contributors are encouraged to address are:


·       Contemporary Marxist debates on the “new” imperialism

·       Lessons of Lenin’s 1917 thesis and the relevance of inter-imperialist rivalry

·       Neo-fascism, neoliberalism, and anti-immigrant racism

·       Enforced labor immobility in US and globally

·       Class struggle and internationalism

·       Anti-imperialism across the globe

·       Precarity and deterritorialized divisions of labor

·       Militancy in the global South