German linguistics, literature, culture

deadline for submissions: 
May 15, 2018
full name / name of organization: 
German Journal

We want to offer researchers the possibility to reflect on “German” in all its facets and its place in the world.

We are interested in academic studies focusing on the analysis of  Linguistics Theories; Language Form; Language Meaning; Language in Context; Teaching Methodologies; Theories of Second or Foreign Language Acquisition; Theories of Second or Foreign Language Teaching; Technology used in the Classroom; Materials Design; Curriculum Development; Historical Linguistics and more as they relate to German language.

We are interested in academic studies on all kinds of literature, be it children’s literature, non-fiction, fiction, poems and more as long as they relate to “German”. We love to read works on new German-writing authors, and we also love to read new studies on old classics which show a new perspective on German life and thought.

The German culture offers so many facets that it is difficult to limit its scoop. Therefore, we accept works that may discuss topics as diverse as music, gender-issues, or politics – as long as they have a direct relevance to German life and thought.