Joint SALA-MLA panel: Image-Text Encounters in South Asian Graphic Narratives

deadline for submissions: 
March 15, 2018
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South Asian Literary Association and Modern Language Association Joint Panel
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Papers invited for the joint (guaranteed) South Asian Literary Association-MLA panel exploring the incorporation of South Asian visual and literary traditions in the subcontinent’s comics. Inspired by the MLA 2019 theme of “textual transactions,” this panel explores the constitutive relations among South Asian graphic narratives and the region’s local, folk and national visual as well as literary cultures. This panel is interested in teasing out what makes South Asian graphic narratives' image-text interactions distinct from that of Western comics. What visual frames of reference do they rely on? How are image and text mutually constitutive in Indian graphic narratives? How do particular contexts of production and circulation shape the ways in which we read these texts? Do the comics rely on readers’ visual literacy within South Asian public culture or are they accessible to those unfamiliar with it? How are their image-text negotiations shaped by the indigenous visual traditions/media they rely on?

300-word abstracts and bio due Mar 15 to Kavita Daiya ( and Anuja Madan (