Identities in Transit: The Ethics and Politics of Representation

deadline for submissions: 
April 15, 2018
full name / name of organization: 
Laboratory Values, Society and Development (LVSD), Ibn Zohr University, Agadir, Morocco
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The concept of ‘identity’ has of late acquired much resonance inside and outside academia. Identity has become in today’s globalized world more fundamental than ever before to the endeavor of addressing theoretical and political issues relating to ‘nationality,’ ‘nation (-state) borders,’  ‘history,’ ‘ethnicity,’ and other, perhaps more urgent, issues of ethnic conflicts, immigration, and refugees. The complexity of each of these entities and the interplay of most of them point, together, to the insufficiencies apparent in those ‘fixed’ understandings of the concept of identity. Fixed, or essentialized, views of identity put emphasis on roots, continuity, tradition, and timelessness... .

We are seeking submissions for an edited collection entitled: Identities in Transit: The Ethics and Politics of Representation. We invite contributors from across the disciplines  that address any aspect of the topic.  Suggested topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Identity and representation
  • The ethics of representation
  • Discourse and representation
  • Diaspora narratives
  • Narratives of migration
  • Dissolving margins in migrant narratives
  • Ethics and writing between worlds
  • Cross-cultural values
  • Identity and translation

Submission Guidelines:

Please send proposals of up to 500-words, including a preliminary title, a short biographical resumé and your full contact information via e.mail to the following address:




 Keywords:  Identities, ethical representation, mobility, synchretic(ism), immigration,  nationality; nationalism, politics, place, space, literature, memory, history, culture, globalization, discourse/ power.