“Multicultural Writers as Chroniclers of Culture: Strategies for Teaching Texts that Centralize the Marginalized," Multicultural Literature in the Classroom, Midwest MLA, November 15-18, 2018

deadline for submissions: 
April 5, 2018
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Multicultural Literature in the Classroom, Midwest MLA

In an era rife with cultural anxieties, the role of the multicultural writer is more vital than ever, particularly when the cultural norms of those existing outside of mainstream culture are increasingly challenged, censured, or overshadowed by the biases of the majority.  Whether by documenting the disorienting experiences of immigrants seeking to establish new lives in places far from their countries of origin or the decades-long struggles of minorities to gain a firmer foothold in the societies around them, multicultural writers often serve as chroniclers of the cultures from which their characters—and they themselves—come, providing their readers with a deeper appreciation for the rich histories and traditions that shape those cultures and ideally helping to instill in those readers compassion and tolerance for those whose cultural norms might differ from their own.  In keeping with this year’s conference theme of “Consuming Cultures,” this panel seeks proposals that focus on the themes of consumption and culture as they surface in the works of multicultural writers past and present.  Proposals that address the conference theme are especially encouraged, but those that explore multicultural texts that are seldom taught, recently published, or frequently banned are also welcome.

Please submit 250-word abstracts (including paper titles) and abbreviated CVs to Dr. Christina Triezenberg, at triezenbergc@morningside.edu , by Thursday, April 5.

For additional CFPs and information about the 2018 Midwest MLA conference, which will be held in Kansas City, MO from November 15-18, please visit https://www.luc.edu/mmla/convention/callforpapers/.