Modernisms, In Fact

deadline for submissions: 
March 31, 2018
full name / name of organization: 
Modernist Studies Association conference, Ohio State University, Columbus OH, November 8–11, 2018

The proposed panel aims to explore modernist techniques and perspectives as they might appear in any form of fact-based discourse in the early twentieth century. Much work has already been done on modernism and nonfiction literary forms such as (auto)biography and travel writing, but what about less evidently literary genres and fields—economics, chemistry, history, policy, mathematics, and so on? Among many questions this panel might investigate, a central one is this: what happens to facticity when it is presented through modernism’s disorienting multiperspectivism, unreliability, ambiguity or fuzzy logic? I am especially interested in papers that focus on formal and rhetorical issues in factual discourse, particularly in relation to the fact/fiction divide. That said, any proposal investigating modernist tendencies in early-to-mid-20th-century factual discourse is welcome.

The selected papers will be gathered into a panel proposal for the upcoming conference of the Modernist Studies Association in Columbus, Ohio (Nov. 8–11, 2018). To be considered for the panel, please submit a brief, focused outline of your topic and how it fits into the proposed panel; this outline should be non-technical and no more than 150 words long. No need for a formal proposal. Please also include a biographical note. Submit both to Daniel Aureliano Newman (University of Toronto, by March 31, 2018.