Edited collection on Latino Fatherhood in Literature, Film, Television, and Art

deadline for submissions: 
June 15, 2018
full name / name of organization: 
Monica Montelongo Flores
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CFP: Edited Collection on Latino Fatherhood in Literature, Film, Television, and Art


Latino fatherhood and paternal figures are ever present in literature, film, and television, yet there is a lack of scholarly attention on their representation. Research has largely focused on Latina/Chicana motherhood and maternal figures. The purpose of this edited collection, titled "Latino Fatherhood: Papá in Popular Narrative," is to address this major gap in Latinx cultural studies by investigating how Latino fatherhood is defined, represented, and challenged in literature, film, television, and art. Proposals dedicated to Latinx cultural productions as well as Hollywood and media treatments of Latino fatherhood are both welcomed. The deadline for proposals is June 15th, 2018, with completed manuscripts due October 1st, 2018. Final revisions will be due January 15th, 2019. The final word count for completed chapters is 5,000-6,000 words. A scholarly press has expressed interest in this project.


Suggested topics include:

-Latinx vs. Hollywood representations

-father and children relationships

-grandfather representations

-fatherhood and (re)defining machismo

-Latino fatherhood and the 21st century

-symbolic father figures in Latinx productions

-Latino fatherhood, community, and place

-historic and folkloric interpretations of fathers in various media

-Queer identity and Latino fatherhood

-Latinidad and fatherhood


Other topic suggestions are welcomed. Please submit proposals of no more than 300 words to mmflores@csustan.edu. Please include a recent cv with your submission.


If you have questions about the project, contact Monica Montelongo Flores at mmflores@csustan.edu.