AIDS. Remains (essays for a special issue of New Centennial Review)

deadline for submissions: 
June 1, 2018
full name / name of organization: 
Richard Block, University of Washington
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AIDS: Remains


Seeking essays for a future issue of New Centennial Review.


What is left of the AIDS crisis? What remains of the urgency with which critical discourses once contested dominant understandings of “AIDS”? In the first decades of the crisis, vital struggles over the meanings, definitions and representations of AIDS sought to unite cultural analysis with cultural activism. What remains now of such struggles? Has contestation become consensus?


We solicit papers that deal with the ways in which representations of AIDS have had and continue to have immediate real-world life-and-death consequences. We welcome papers that reconsider how representations of AIDS remain as compelling and vital cultural and political challenges.


Send inquiries or abstracts by June 1, 2018,  to Richard Block ( or Michael duPlessis (