Shakespeare's Audiences (edited essay collection)

deadline for submissions: 
July 31, 2018
full name / name of organization: 
Dr. Matteo Pangallo
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Shakespeare’s Audiences will collect together essays exploring the history of Shakespeare’s audiences and the reception of Shakespeare’s plays and adaptations of those plays in performance, from the sixteenth through the twenty-first centuries. The focus of the book is on the history of audience experiences of and responses to the production of Shakespeare’s plays across all performance platforms, including theatre, radio, television, film, podcast, and online, and from a range of cultural contexts around the globe. Rather than center on the productions themselves and their choices, the essays in this volume will turn a spotlight on the consumers of Shakespearean productions and their own engagements with those productions. Approaches taken by contributors might include—but are not limited to—studies of audience demographics, historical surveys of audiences at a particular venue or in a particular medium or of a particular company, case studies of playgoers’ accounts of or responses to particular performances, examinations of a particular theater critic’s evaluations of Shakespeare productions, close readings of Shakespearean fan fiction, and so forth. The essays in the collection will be divided into five sections: Original Audiences (theatrical productions up until 1642), Stage Audiences (theatrical productions from the Restoration to the present), Screen Audiences (film and television), Audio Audiences (radio, analog recordings, podcasts, etc.), and Online Audiences (websites, web series, online videos, etc.).


Proposals to contribute an essay in Shakespeare’s Audiences should be sent as a Word Document attachment to and must include an essay title and abstract (no more than 200 words), an indication of which section in the book into which the essay would best fit, and the contributor’s CV, including identification of his or her current affiliation. The deadline to submit a proposal is Tuesday, July 31. Inquiries or requests for additional information may also be directed to