Watergate in Context

deadline for submissions: 
September 26, 2018
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Northeast Modern Language Association
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The ongoing comparison of the current administration to the Nixon administration calls for a reexamination of the scandal that brought down the latter. Befitting NeMLA’s conference location, this panel seeks to reexamine classic and contemporary depictions of Watergate in order to illuminate the scandal’s connections between literature, film and American politics and culture from the seventies to the present. Accordingly, this panel seeks readings of Watergate, past and present, as depicted in film, literature and culture. Readings can also reexamine Watergate as a moment in American cultural memory and its contemporary ramifications. Papers that explore Watergate as an event that exposes the contradictions of American politics and broader contexts of diversity and justice are appreciated. Please submit an abstract along with curriculum vitae to Douglas Dowland, d-dowland@onu.edu, by September 26.