“Contemporary Humanities”

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December 31, 2018
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Watchung Review
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“Contemporary Humanities”


With the 21st Century well under way and the forces of nationalism, isolationism, wealth inequality and global war louder and stronger than ever, the humanities have perhaps never been more relevant.  The Watchung Review seeks scholarly articles, pedagogical reflections and strategies, creative work and alternative scholarship that explores the roles, identities, purposes and challenges of contemporary humanities.  What do we mean by the humanities? How do the humanities fit into current forms of globalization? How can we best teach the humanities in contemporary composition and literature classrooms? We seek textual analyses, rhetorical analyses, broad readings of media and culture, pedagogic strategies and creative work that address these questions. 


Topics may include but are not limited to:


Where are the humanities today?                                       What does it mean to be a practicing humanist?

Humanities in an age of austerity                                       How can we teach across the humanities?

Contemporary humanities and current events                     Teaching the humanities in an inhumane age

STEM into STEAM                                                             Biography/memoir as living humanities

Humanities and Social Anxieties                                        Humanities in the composition classroom

Globalization and the humanities                                       Humanities and innovation           

Artistic renderings of the humanities                                  Humanities study and professional studies

Transdisciplinary perspectives                                           Technology and the humanities

Literary/cultural contexts                                                  Humanities Institutes and Centers

Contemporary humanities in the literature classroom          Politics and the humanities        


Watchung Review is currently soliciting book reviews of the following works:


Tsitsi Dangarembga, This Mournable Body: A Novel

Michelle Obama, Becoming

Giorgio Van Straten, trans. by Simon Carnell and Erica Segre, In Search of Lost Books: The Forgotten Stories of Eight Mythical Volumes

Milton Cohen, The Pull of Politics: Steinbeck, Wright, Hemingway, and the Left in the Late 1930s

Terrance Hayes, To Float in the Space Between: A Life and Work in Conversation with the Life and Work of Etheridge Knight

Zoe Wicomb, Race, Nation, Translation: South African Essays, 1990–2013

Katya Apekina, The Deeper the Water the Uglier the Fish

Katharine Kilalea, OK, Mr. Field

Wayétu Moore, She Would Be King

Donal Shambroom, Duchamp's Last Day

Anthony Appiah, The Lies that Bind

Zachary Leader, The Life of Saul Bellow Vol 2

Andy Oler, Pieces of the Heartland: Representing Early-Twentieth-Century Midwestern Places

Rachel Feder, Harvester of Hearts: Motherhood under the Sign of Frankenstein


Submission Guidelines:

Creative submissions of high-quality prose and poetry that imaginatively address the theme will also be accepted. Submissions cannot be previously published.

Scholarly articles should be between 3000-6000 words, include an abstract of 300 words, and should use the current MLA style formatting (8th ed.). Please use endnotes not footnotes.

Book Reviews should not exceed 2500 words and use the current MLA style formatting (8th ed.).

Poems should not exceed five pages. We will consider up to three poems at a time.

Short Stories and Creative Nonfiction should be between 2500-5000 words.

Accepted file types: doc, docx, rtf, txt, html

Deadline: 31st December 2018

Please send inquiries and submissions to watchungreview@gmail.com

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